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June, 2023

E-VAD (Enhanced VAD) is a new indicator designed by Shan Technologies LLC to help investors when they feel uncertain about market/stock trends. This indicator is now implemented in the newest Equity Analyzer professional version.

Stock Simulator is coming soon. It is a web-based software tool for stock/option traders to evaluate various trading strategies and practise their skills to achieve maximum profits.

We will soon provide free downloads for our product HDLoader Professional version, which enables trader to download free stock and option data.

VAD (Volume Accumulation Distribution) is an indicator designed by Shan Technologies LLC to alert investors before the reversal of stock prices. It is well-known that, unlike many MA-based indicators that are "behind" the market, volume-based indicators are more reliable, and provide signals "before" market reversals. VAD is volume-based, and has demonstrated its superiority since its implementation.

The Equity Analyzer implements VAD. It enables you to
  • Retrieve free historical data from the Internet, including both stock and option data.
  • Analyze stock market using charts and indicators specially designed for its customers.
  • Design complex investing strategies to maximize your profits and avoid possible losses.
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Discussion Board
This is a public discussion board for investors to ask questions and exchange their thoughts and experience on
  • the VAD indicator,
  • the "Equity Analyzer" software,
  • the stock market, and
  • the stocks that most interest them.
Recent discussion threads on the board: From this board, you can track down how successful VAD has been to investors' daily trading activities.

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Many commonly used indicators and stock trading rules, as Market Efficiency Theory suggests, have become increasingly unreliable. Shan Technologies is committed to discover new indicators and trading rules that best suit the dynamic stock market.

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